Shoot with Care 3 April 2019

Not going to write much here for the sake of the screenshot when I announce I wrote another thingy.


I realized on the post I made last night it wasn’t possible for me to take a screenshot with the title and the first photo because of the writing that I put in between them. The title with the first photo just makes for a better screenshot announcement.

Anyways, like the last one I don’t really want to talk as much about the photos as to just drop some ideas that have been running through my head. Or ideas that will be running through my mind, since I’m not going to pretend like I had anything planned out for this post.

Although I do want to talk about the first photo. When I posted the before and after on twitter I did get some responses saying that the before was better. That I had edited the photo wrong because of how cool toned I made it. And I won’t lie, next to the before this photo did have a lot cooler tone. But without the before right next to it, it is still a very warm photo. I didn’t reply to the comments, quoted tweets or even the message where the person re-edited my photo and said it was better with the non-existent edit that he did. I did not feel like me responding to the comments would really solve anything, and would just make me look defensive. Instead I treated them like any other comments. I still stand behind the edit I did. Making the tones cooler added the cleaner more elegant look that I wanted on it.


Ok maybe I do want to talk a bit more about the photos. This probably falls into the spot of the most last minute shoot that I’ve done in a while. From request to shoot took probably less that 2 hours. And the photos from it ended up being some of my favorite I’ve taken so far for this year. The one below is the favorite for this year. The image is perfectly focused, which always is an amazing feeling when reviewing photos. It’s also one of those photos that looks good with any edit I put on it. Overall it ended up being one of those things that just lined up perfectly and came out amazing.


I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do after I finish up college next year. I’ve been working for this for almost 7 years now and now that its so close I’m not really sure what to do with it. i do want to give it a try but even then I’m not sure where.

For those that don’t know, I’m majoring in mechanical engineering. I know I want to get into something with design but I’m not sure for what or for how long. Most peoples initial thoughts are why am I doing that when I’m so good at taking photos. Or how I can do both. Its not so much as me wanting to do both but they are both my plan A. Right now, it’s difficult to see me dropping one for the other. An honestly its not like one is holding the other back. I’ve finally reached somewhere where, I think I can do both (decently). At the moment I don’t think photography gives me the intellectual challenge that engineering does. I enjoy solving difficult problems and seeing the results of work on projects. Photography is fun but after a while I always find myself bored. And Engineering is fun but sometimes it does lack that creative part that I enjoy.

I really do like jumping back and forth between hobbies. Although sometimes it does end up being more than just two. Like add in art sometimes. Or add in music. Or writing like this, that I decided to start up again. I do have a journal though, I don’t use it but it’s there. One thing that has always interested me is becoming a Renaissance man. Not something that happens nowadays. I still think I fall short and not by just a bit. I lack a lot of the expertise I think. I think I’m good at a lot but not great at anything.


The video for today that I have open on a window right next to this one is a compilation of Iron Man suit up scenes. I think of all the superheros, Iron Man and Bat man are my two favorites. Probably because they’re the two that fall closest to human. Iron man still remains one of my favorites despite my circuits professor destroying my unrealistic dream of designing something remotely similar. He told us that iron my is not possible. The amount of work, design and brain power needed to create the suit would require a huge team and that one person would never be able to do it. So much for dreaming big. I also didn’t even end up taking his class too.


Anyways to summarize: good shoot, not sure about future career, and I can’t be Iron Man.

Sunset 26 April 2019

Don’t really have much to say. Kinda just wanted to write a blog. Its about 12:30am right now. I have a few other blogs that I have drafts for. I didn’t really have an idea for what I was going to write for 2 of them anyways. I really just wanted to post the photos I have saved in them. I feel like despite my various social media accounts, my photos aren’t posted the way I want them to be. They lack a bit of insight on them. Of course I really don’t have much to say about these anyways.

I took these photos after just wanting to go out for sunset. I drove over to the spot, hiked up to nice place and just sat down to enjoy the sunset. It ended up being a lot coder than I was expecting it to be. The cold ended up being the reason I left (also the sun wasn’t able to make it to the horizon because of the clouds). The photos ended up better than I expected.


I haven’t written a blog in a while, even longer a blog with actual thoughts in it not just photos. It ended up being a lot more difficult to keep one going than I thought it would when I made my website. My initial thoughts were that I took a lot of photos, so I should be able to post a lot of blogs. The reality is I don’t have that many thoughts to keep one going. I can talk non stop about photography but that would get boring. An a lot of these locations really have no significant importance to me other than me wanting to drive to them to take photos. I also visit these places a lot. Its not really an expansion of my thoughts from my other posts, since those don’t have much anyways.


Lately Instagram hasn’t been the same for me. That might explain why I chose to write something on here. Its just been a bit empty. Don’t get me wrong, I really do like seeing all the content my peers add or posts my friends make, but there’s an empty feeling when I post. In the past, it was fun to post things and see how they did. That feeling isn’t really there anymore. I’ve actually thought about deactivating it multiple times. I don’t know if I could get rid of it permanently because of how much work I’ve put into it. But I do want to see how it would feel to not have it for a while.

But I can’t bring myself to do it. I find the only form of contact I have with a lot of people is through Instagram. I would also miss sending and receiving memes. And despite me wanting to not care about how my posts do, I know leaving the page would not have a positive effect on my engagement. It puts me somewhere in between not wanting to care about my engagement because it really doesn’t matter to what I post and wanting my page to grow and expand to show that my photos are really doing something.


As I’m writing this I also have another window open with a video on building a shipping container home. This is the 3rd video in the series and 3rd home I’ve watched on these houses. The location for this one is out in the desert.


On my second instagram I always post photos with a small caption with only a few words. I hardly ever go out and try to find words to use for the captions. Most of the time its a small part of a line of lyrics for a song that catches my attention. I cant remember what half of the captions are referring to. I like the idea of writing captions that I don’t remember what I was referring to. Almost like writing a letter then burning it. I’ve had the idea of doing that with one of my art journals. To make some art that only exists for me. But I haven’t been able to make one that I would want to burn. Kinda like my Instagram I guess. Spend so much time on something that you grow attached and don’t want to destroy it. But that didn’t stop me with other accounts that I made in the past.


I guess even if I did get rid of it there’s always a lot of new people to find with a new account. And there will always be more photos to take and share. This sunset ended up being worth skipping class for. I didn’t take the shots I was hoping for, but I did take some I really liked.