Shooting with Dani & Ashleigh

In my opinion, one of the best parts of social media is the ability to connect with people that you would not have met otherwise. This past Sunday I met up with Dani and Ashleigh to do a photoshoot for Ashleigh's product line. This was my first time working with Ashleigh and the second time shooting with Dani. 


I always like going into a shoot with one goal in mind to improve my photos. For this shoot, I had my mind on taking photos that would both show her products while keeping my artistic photo style. Also, I tried to offset Dani when I could to prevent all of my photos from having her in the center. 


Dead space isn't always a bad thing, sometimes it allows your subject to breathe. 

Quick snapshot in between moving location to a different part of the beach. Wish I would've gotten at least a couple of portraits of Ashleigh(on the right).

And a couple of behind the scenes shots taken by Ashleigh. Two things to note: I like to stay low and I like to use a messenger bag to switch lenses. I shoot with almost exclusively prime lenses, so I constantly move around or switch between lenses. 

The final photo of a quick but very productive shoot. 


Location: Panther Beach, Davenport