Not in Yosemite #bdsanfrancisco

I was mentally prepared to go to Yosemite, but at the same time, I was hoping not to go because of how tired I was. After scrolling through Yosemite Instagram tags, my brother and I decided we did not want to go to Yosemite because of the amount of summer traffic there was. 

So we headed north. He wanted to just go to the Beautiful Destinations Meet at Mount Tamalpais, and I wanted to head to Point Reyes before. We decided to head to Point Reyes beforehand. We decided to go to Point Reyes first to just see how it was, not expecting to be there for long. Because of Bay to Breakers, there was also a large amount of traffic in San Francisco when we were heading up. 

I have not had a lot of luck in Point Reyes. I have nothing to show from the past few times I've gone to shoot there because of a lost memory card and broken hard drive. Any goof photo would've make this trip worth the time. 

The cypress tree tunnel looked good but also flat because of the fog. There were also a lot of people also taking photos while I was there, making it difficult to get a clean shot. Even in the photo above, I had to edit some people out. The fog at the lighthouse the lighthouse was even heavier, making it impossible to look down to the shoreline, which was one of the photos I wanted to take. I had to be patient to take the shot I wanted because of how many people there were, which was expected on a Sunday. I managed to snag the shot shot below in the small amount of time when it cleared up(shot using a 35mm lens). I realized that point Reyes really is a location where you have to there at the right time in order to get the "good" shots. 


After finishing up we decided to head over to the meet, we were already going to be late, so we weren't in a rush. The meet was slow to start like they all are. There was an initial meet up spot to talk and connect with other people before everyone started to shoot. I took the shot above from the location where everyone was socializing. My lens of choice for the meet was the 85, like always, to get a good amount of compression and to take nice sharp photos. 

Photo of Derrick. Even though this was a landscape type of meet, I brought my reflector and was ready to take some portraits if needed. The tracks for really helped against the hard sunset light. It also made a cool moon looking reflection off of Derrick's glasses. 

Quick time lapse while waiting for the sky to pop. The fog also wasn't high enough to take good photos of it in between the trees. After this, I focused on taking photos of the clouds and of the hills. I had my doubts when we first saw out into the horizon but it ended up being an amazing and colorful sunset.

Last attempt at rolling fog and last photo of the day. 


Mount Tamalpais State Park