Shooting with Niki

This blog will mostly focus on photography and my thoughts behind photos. People ask what my thoughts are being the shots so this a good insight into my thought process. 

My original plan was to head up to Mount Tamalpais for our shoot. But on our way over, I realized that the fog bank was high enough to cover the hills. I decided to shooting down on Baker beach would be the best place to get some golden hour light. We first stopped up on the Golden Gate overlook to take a few photos in Battery Godfrey. 

For me, I try to shoot for the brightest spot. The shadows are easier to bring back, the highlights usually lose there color easier than the shadows. I also was able to add some foreground using the rail and the flowers we found. 

We found a little spot on the side of the path to shoot before going down to beach. At this point I had to use the reflector. Even with he reflector, there were still harsh shadows.

Their glasses definitely added something special to this shoot. I love shooting people with glasses because they add a lot to portraits. Something to focus on, making the rest of the out of focus parts look more out of focus. They add a lot of symmetry to faces too. The reflection off of glasses also looks amazing if used correctly. 

Final portrait of the day. I took a few that were vertical but having the dead space on the right added a lot to the photo. I was able to get a good transition from warm to cool tones with the extra space. The reflector brought back a lot of the shadows caused by the sun and being backlit. 

Bridge panorama taken on our walk back up to the car

Last photo of the day. 


Baker Beach

Golden Gate Overlook