Shooting at the Same Location

We all have our favorite spots to shoot, one of my personal favorite spots is up on Russian Ridge. This past week I went to the same location 3 days in a row to capture the fog bank. In the past I've had a lot of luck taking photos of fog up on Skyline. The first day was just a drive up highway one that ended up on russian ridge because the fog blocked the sun from hitting the beach.

Even up on Russian Ridge, the fog was too high and dense to see anything. The photo above was taken on Paige Mill road. The photo is facing in the direction of Russian Ridge, which explains why the drive up was so dark and gloomy. 

On the second day I didn't have much better luck. The fog was the same as the day before up on Russian Ridge, even more than before since I couldn't see it from the same spot as the previous photo. I took the one above even further down facing the bay. The sunset would've been amazing had it been able to pass through the fog in the south bay. Still it made for a great photo. 

I had the best luck on the third day, since the fog had still not gone over the hill.

But soon after the previous photo, the fog did get over the hill. It ended up getting almost as bad as the previous couple of days. The sun had some moments where it was able to pass through the less dense clumps of fog. I manage to capture the photo above before I went up to the top of the south hill(I also ran into the couple again on my way back to my car).

Quick photo on my way up the hill. I was hoping for more of this by the time I got to the top, but by the time was able to get there, the fog had caught up and I was unable to see anything. 

Last photo of the day. 


Russian Ridge Open Space

Page Mill Road