Adventure with Tiffany

Sometimes you need a bit of help to get you going. Lately, I've been out of the game. Similar things have happened in the past, with art and photos. Sometimes you need a break in to re-inspire yourself and take a breath.

This past weekend I went to San Francisco to shoot with Tiffany. To start off, I have to add this video of us riding down California Street. 

Yes that was me falling at the end, which is why the camera started to move a lot. 

The main Idea behind this shoot was a skater look. The board was one that I painted a few years ago. Tiffany really helped navigate, since I had no idea where I was going and am not good at driving in the city. We started shooting in China town in the middle of the street but moved on because of how busy it was at the time. Tiffany led us to this alley where we some photos with the graffiti as a background. Both Tiffany and the board really popped against the red on one part of the wall and the birds on the left also added some flow to the photo. 

Shooting got a bit more difficult as it got darker. There was also fog, which made it get darker faster. This was one of the last photos in the alley before we moved on. We tried to go up on a rooftop but failed and moved back to China town. 

I'm used to taking my time with photos, being able to set up, line up then take couple similar ones to choose from later. The cars passing did not make this shot easy. Tiffany had to back and forth from the parking spot while I ran to line up as fast as possible. This was definitely my favorite or tied for the night. The color in it ended up really nice. Her amazing hair color also added a lot to every photo. 

This was the shoot I needed to get re-inspire me. I think it was because it was more hanging out with some shooting rather than the shooting being the main focus. A lot of the shoots that I was doing were not boring, but had me completely focused on getting a good photo that it burned me out a bit. Even if I didn't get a good photo, this would've been a good shoot.

Last photo of the night. 

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