Shooting with Mercedez

This post is different because it's two different shoots in one; they were shot close to each other and I figured I could put them on the same blog. I actually try to shoot with different people as much as I can. I think it's too repetitive to post the same person or similar location one after another. I try my best to be as well rounded as I possibly can. 

These two photoshoots were with Mercedez. The first one ended up being a bit more difficult that I thought it would. The trees were denser than I remembered they were the last time I was there but like any photoshoot, you need to make the best of it. 

The forest is amazing to shoot in for bokeh. The little openings in the trees turn into amazing bokeh. They also allow small amounts of light in, which can be used as spotlights. 

One thing I also wasn't ready for was the editing on these photos. On a lot of photos, greens and yellows normally overlap. Because of how much green there was in this set I had to edit them separately using brushes. Now that I think of it, I wonder how they would have turned out in black and white. I do not edit in black and white anymore, mostly because I would not post. It would be pretty interesting to do a blog based off of how my photos would be if I edited them in balck and white. Some of my edits start out in black and white, I like knowing some photos will look good in both black and white and in color. It also helps with getting the lighting write.

For the one below, I was trying to get a good amount of foreground in using some branches. Looking back, I would have wanted something, like anything in the background. The light I used was from one of the openings in the trees. It made a really strong spotlight, which in the end blacked out the background. 

A week later, I think, we met up again to shoot on the beach. By the way, that wasn't the last shot from the forest shoot, there are more that I still have not been able to find the right edit for. The beach shoot was the opposite, there was so much light from the golden hour. And being opposite, not a lot of background bokeh. 

The glasses on this first outfit came out really good. Like all glasses, the reflection is only good when tilted in the right way. The timing on this photo was great, the combination of timing and her pose gave it a lot of movement.

The next set faced the sun a bit more directly. The jean outfit worked really well because of all the natural yellows and other warm colors caused by the golden hour. Contrasting colors allow photos to really pop. Some of the most common ones that I've seen lately are the greenish blue and yellowish orange. I would have used those colors for this one but it would have messed with the skin tone and hair color. 

There are a lot more photos to these shoots, a lot that I don't post. But that's why I have recap blogs, to post the ones that I find out how to edit after I edit the large bunch.

The photo above was also one of my favorites of the set. It was done using a dress thing that I don't know what it's called. I think those photos are the only ones that I got a good amount of foreground in. A reflector was also used to some light on her face since the sun was on her back. 

Could not resist this one one the way down to the beach. Light and position of the rocks was just right on this one. The rocks were actually in the shade but the light was in just the right position to add a bit of rim lighting to her. 

Last photo from the shoot.


Four Mile Beach