Sunday Adventure with Tiffany

This adventure did not end up being how I thought it would(in a good way). To start off Karl the fog was out, which I was hoping wouldn't be the case. Well, he wasn't out right away, but as you'll see he did make a good appearance later on. 

We first attempted, and failed, to go to the Jazz festival. There was no parking in the six blocks that I drove through, there wasn't any parking, so we decided to head over the the Palace of Fine Arts. This was the first time that I had been there in a long time. 

We started out by circling the palace a couple of times. Tiffany took a couple of time lapses while we were wandering the second time. I took a few photos of her setting up her phone. These didn't have any crazy edits, so you can see the color of her hair really well.

We joined up with a larger group after a couple of laps. It's funny since both me and Tiffany are not really a big fan of photo meets and this group was starting to feel like one. We made a quick instastory of her retreating into the bushes like Homer did in that one meme. 

For the photo below, I only took one photo of Anne, not just one as in only one came out good, but one as in only one shutter click. I actually really liked the wait came out. This pose itself is questionable but overall I like how it came out, sharp and with good composition. 

Sniped this photo of Tiffany while she was posing for someone else. Shooting through the bush wasn't a good idea though, since it just added that ugly yellow.

Three photographers on the same tree. The tree offered some good bokeh. 

After shooting at the palace, our group moved on to Battery Spencer. The whole day I had one thought, I do not want to drive up to Mount Tam, and that was the most mentioned location within the group. Normally I don't mind driving up to Mount Tam, but I have to be in that mindset. If I'm not chasing the sunset, the hour drive up and then hour drive down just doesn't sound appealing. 

I managed to get a parking close and almost immediately, but I got my door dinged. Its getting fixed now, so overall it wasn't too bad. We walked on down to Battery Spencer and took some photos in one of the fort things.

The photo below is the only close one I got, 8 frames a second and thats what I got. It was also dark, which wasn't easy to shoot with my current camera. I could've gone up on the ISO and have gotten a fast shutter. 

The fog was heavy for almost the whole time we were there. The photo above shows how it was, only a small part of the bridge was visible from where we were. I had a great time shooting with everyone, our group was fun to shoot with, no one was serious and everyone could take a joke. While we were up there, we met a coupe of other people shooting. 

Viceth was nice enough to let us take photos of the model he was working with, Lili. Thank you Viceth, otherwise I wouldn't have had a photo to post on July 4th. You can see everyone climbing down the hill in the photo below. This ended up being a lot more adventurous than I though it would have been. Meeting new people is my favorite part of photography, to meet others and see how they capture the same or similar subjects.

Last photo of the Day


Palace of Fine Arts

Battery Spencer