Shooting With Ariel

There are a few places that I have been that have made it difficult for me to take photos. One of those locations was Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur. The heavy winds on the beach caused sand to fly all over, making it difficult for me to see and change lenses without being afraid of sand getting inside. Another location was at Burnie Falls in Northern California. The heavy amounts of water caused a lot of mist to fly on my lens. In order to take photos I had to cover up my lens in between shots. 

One location I did not think about have a problem taking photos at was here in San Francisco. A couple weeks ago I took photos of Ariel at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco. Going to the conservatory, I knew that it would have a high level of humidity. I did not realize that this would affect the photos I would take because of the condensation on my lenses.  

The humidity was much lower in the second room we stepped in(I didn't post any from the first room). All the plants made it easy to shoot throughs something. In the one above, I liked how the rail leads up to where she was and the opening in the plants. 

We got some shots against the shelves with small flowers on them. I got much closer with these photos and was also able to add some foreground with the plants that were sticking out. The one below was my favorite of them.

The conservatory is split up into 5 different sections. The first was the most humid and donut shaped in the middle. Two more sections branch off from the center ones and then one more from each. The lighting in the conservatory was amazing: it was soft because of the panels but still had some direction so she didn't look flat. 

The next room had a large pond in the middle. I was not able to get any good photos using the reflection from the pond. The longest lens I had on me was an 85 and the pond was long enough for me to not fill the frame. I managed to take photos alongside the pond instead. There is a lot of chromatic aberration from the 85mm I was using. 

We moved back over to the other side of the conservatory after finishing with the pond. The humidity was almost as bad as the first room but not enough to have me constantly clean my lens. This room had a small circular window that I have seen many people shoot before. We ended up taking the most shots here. As the day progressed, the conservatory got busier making it more difficult to take photos without people in the back. We took our time and waited for people to walk out of the frame for us to take our photos.

This was one of the locations that I have been wanting to shoot at for a while now and I'm glad Ariel reached out to shoot here. The hardest part about editing these was getting the greens just right with some purple to add contrast. I tried a few different edits on some of the photos but overall the dark and green ones ended up being my favorites. 

Last shot of the day


San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers