Shooting with Ashleigh and Deena

I like to put my time into researching for my photo shoots. I like to take my time to think of poses, think of outfits, locations or anything else that goes into them. For this shoot with Ashleigh and Deena, I was less prepared than I thought I needed to be. For the photos asked for, I did know enough, but to take some more photos beyond that I needed to be more prepared. 

This photo shoot still came out amazing. It's important to be able to think on your feet and be able to work off of what you have. And even more, since then I have been preparing myself more for my shoots.

 These shots were for Deena, she styled and did the makeup on Ashleigh. The theme for it is pretty obvious, Black Swan. This has to be one of my favorites from the shoot. The lighting in between the trees came out just right. The bokeh in the back also came out perfect, curving in the edges of the photos. 

By no means am I going to act like we knew the correct way to pose her, but we tried our best. I picked this spot in between the trees to begin because of the lighting. By shooting into the light I avoid hatsh whites in my photos and add rim lighting to my subjects.

The photo on top is a pretty good example of the difference in lighting. On the left is the shade, which is what you get with backlit and on the right are the highlights. I like this one because it covers both the white and the black.

After almost finishing up for the day, we decided to take photos at another part of the park. The lighting here was just as good, but with different surroundings. Because the grass was so low, we decided to take some sitting down. The trees in the back also added some good bokeh.

Final shot of Deena


Natural Bridges State Beach