Mood #BayCityHouse

People always turn to art as a release. Sometimes it happens without even noticing, your mood affects your art, negative or positive. At this meet I was spacing out a lot, just had my mind in another place(something I might talk about in a future post). My mood has always been something that has reflected on my art, whether it was drawing, music or photos. 

I had a good time seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new ones. These photos had a different feel than my usual ones, and there were definitely less than normal.

Captured some pelicans and the top of a whale spouting. There was a pod of whats under the golden gate, I wish I were closer to catch a better photo. 

One reason I turned to portraits was because they are able to be taken in all types of weather. Despite the weather being boring for landscapes, I was able to capture some great portraits. The lighting was perfect for some backlit portraits.

A lot of the photos ended up having a dreamy look. They are intense in color and are simple. I realized I did have a telephoto lens in my bag and was able to capture the photo of the boat. 

Even when taking photos with others, I always manage to find time to myself. I have been told and have noticed that I always find time to sit down when shooting with others. Our small group was out of the frame taking photos. 

I did have more photos of Taylor in more golden light, but the sun flare killed them, so I won't post.

Last photo of the day.


Golden Gate Lookout

Marshall's Beach