The Quiet

It's honestly really relaxing shooting on my own. When I started out, I had to depend on my brother for a ride to locations. After I got my own car, I was shooting mostly landscapes and for the most part, I was on my own. It helps to focus my attention on my photos and to appreciate everything going on around me. 

I don't have photos of some of my favorite sunsets because sometimes there is no way to capture it. 

This is one of my favorite spots here. The path leading up to the rock had a good variation in color and the path itself leads up to the rock nicely. The clouds on this day were amazing and added a lot to the sky. This was a great change from the usual sunny days we've been getting. 

The one below is a photo of Alan taking a photo. The curves all around made this photo work. The curve of the hill, the path, and the way the clouds exploded behind him. 

This was a relaxing day. Effortless to capture and amazing to experience. 

Last photo


Mount Tamalpais State Park